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Set in one of the most beautiful settings in Britain, The Dent Folk Festival happens annually on the last weekend in June. Featuring music, comedy, street theatre, dance, puppetry and storytelling the festival has gained a reputation for being well organised and having a superb atmosphere!

"One of my favorite festivals" Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2

"There's no place on earth I'd rather be right now" Martin Simpson, whilst onstage at the 2003 festival!

"We go to a lot of festivals, big and small and this is one of the best" from our comments book
Tickets are selling very well!

If you want tickets buy them now to avoid disappointment as the remaining tickets will sell out before the weekend!!!

Full Weekend* tickets are                        £50.00 / £40.00 for under 16's / Under 5's free  *** SOLD OUT ***
Friday Night concert tickets are                £14.00 / £10.00 for under 16's / Under 5's free 
Saturday Afternoon tickets concert are      £14.00 / £10.00 for under 16's / Under 5's free
Saturday Night tickets concert are            £14.00 / £10.00 for under 16's / Under 5's free  *** SOLD OUT ***
Sunday Afternoon tickets concert are        £14.00 / £10.00 for under 16's / Under 5's free *** SOLD OUT ***

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